Seller Services


 Among other things, your Goochland Realty agent:

  1. Guides you in pricing your property to sell.
  2. Prepares and explains the Exclusive Authorization To Sell Agreement.
  3. Reviews with you how he or she will represent you or the transaction. This will be thoroughly discussed and clearly presented for your consideration.
  4. Develops a plan to enhance your property’s ability to attract buyers in a competitive market.
  5. Creates and implements a customized marketing plan for your property.
  6. Arranges a caravan of Dew agents for greater exposure of your property…Shares with you the Sales Team’s recommendations to help you realize the best price for your home.
  7. Presents your property on the Internet.
  8. Makes sure you understand and implement the Seller Disclosures that are required under Virginia Law.
  9. Provides you with information regarding a warranty on the operating systems of your house to increase the marketability of your property and help reduce your liability to the buyer.
  10. Creates a showing package with information that prospective purchasers will need to make an offer to purchase your property, arranges REALTOR ® showings of your property and provide you with regular feedback.