There are many neighborhoods to choose from in Richmond, Virginia. Each has a lot to offer and is unique in itself. We want to help you find the right neighborhood that will cater to your needs. Here are some that may narrow down your search:

-Museum District: this area sits right between Cary Street and Broad Street. It is bordered by many museums, which give it its name. It is a safe neighborhood with good schools surrounding it. There is lots to do including shopping and good food. It is always clean and beautiful. For more info on this neighborhood contact one of our agents.

-The Fan: The Fan is just minutes from downtown, making it easy if you have that early morning commute into the city. It is a blossoming neighborhood with housing options for everyone. Whether you have a large family or it is just yourself, the Fan can accommodate all. Social options are always sufficient. The local restaurants and shops are lots of fun for Richmonders. For more info on this neighborhood contact one of our agents.

-Monument Avenue: The Avenue is a beautiful and historically rich place to live. Sitting in between the West End and the city gives easy access to both the suburbs and the urban areas of Richmond. It is great for family life. Between the Monument 10k and the Easter Parade there is always something interesting going on for the family. For more info contact one of our agents.

-Church Hill: Church Hill is easily the oldest, most historic part of Richmond. It has recently started to revitalization to preserve the history. Being east of the city it is easy access to the university and the medical campus. Even though it is very close to the city, it still has a very close neighborhood environment. For more info contact one of our agents.

-Jackson Ward: Jackson Ward is in the heart of the city. It sits between Broad Street and I-95. Being directly in the city makes it very easy to access office buildings and the university. There are many places to eat and you can even walk to the river for some weekend fun. For more info contact one of our agents.

-The West End: The West End is the suburbs of Richmond. It is a great place for family life and it is home to some of the top schools in the country. There is also easy access to downtown and the river, everything only being 10 minutes away. It put Richmond into perspective, giving you the best of both worlds. For more info contact one of our agents.